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Transforming Accessibility Initiative Spring Mini-Conference

  • VCU University Student Commons (map)

Invited Talk: “Disability and Intersectionality: Transforming our Movement”

Description: This session will focus on the role of disability as an axis of identity too often left out of discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Disabled people are routinely excluded from key conversations that directly impact their lives. From high level policy discussions, to social justice and disability rights activism, disability awareness campaigns, and everyday conversations on accessibility, disabled people are often erased, silenced, and derailed. These exclusionary tactics reinforce stigma around disability and often perpetuate structural and interpersonal barriers to equity. This presentation will discuss the role of disability as an identity category as well as how it operates within axes of inequality. Together, we will explore the possibilities for intentionally including and centering disabled perspectives in conversations and decisions about advocacy and social justice at VCU and beyond.