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Bethany M. (bee) Coston

Bethany M. Coston (known to most as "dr bee") is a queer, bisexual, non-binary, disabled and neurodivergent sociologically-trained activist scholar, who has spent time in the midwest and on the east coast educating, protesting, and participating in research on sexualities and the making of sexual identities, violence, health and wellness and community-based organizing.

Bethany spends most of their time with grassroots organizations/groups that work to end LGBTQ+ intimate partner violence and make victims’/survivors’ lives physically and psychologically better in the process. Their current work is on healing from trauma and promoting resiliency and thriving among LGBTQ+ disabled and neurodiverse folx, with a specific focus on the built environment and urban/community gardening.

Bethany was a former pre-doctoral population health fellow with the National LGBT Health Education Center at Fenway Health (2011-2014) and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections scholar (2017-2018). You can find their research in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Violence Against Women, and Journal of Social Issues, and edited volumes such as Race, Class, and Gender (edited by Margaret L. Anderson and Patricia Hill Collins), Queering the Deep South (edited by Kamden Strunk), and Paths to Gender Justice in Education: Theories & Practices (edited by Marc Pruyn, Curry Malott, and Pierre Wilbert Orelus), among others.

When not in community or teaching, you can find Bethany streaming reality tv and sci-fi with their spouse--Dr. Liz Coston--and two dog-children.